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Career Planning Must

Career planning

Career Planning Must

 It is said that “Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.” And to create opportunities, you need careful planning. The same goes for career too. Happy people plan actions, they do not plan results, rightly says American motivational speaker and writer Mr. Denis Waitley. Planning Is the first step taken to make something happen. According to Jim Rohn : if you don’t. Design. Your own life plan, Chances are you will fall into someone else’s Plan. And guess what they have planned for you? No match. As such planning your own career according to your personal goals and wish list is critical for a sustained future.

Life is uncertain, no one can Predict about coming days. But one can do planning for future. The word career has various meanings to different mind. Some says that it is a chosen path of the individual to achieve the desired goal. Others say it is a Professional set-up, vocation, job, etc. The meaning of career is not limited to the field of education only. All people have different plan about careers for example some people want to make a career in modelling, dancing, politics, journalism, sports while others choose defence, navy, social work, teaching, medicine, etc. So, the term career is spread in wide range.

Planning of career is planning or making. of fruitful and Successful life. The term planning is applied to every event. Do you remember that when we study in school or college, our well-wisher often asked that in which field do we want to make a career? Career planning is deliberate thoughtful process to achieve something. In life as per our goals. Let us understand the meaning of career planning though a small example: Avani Lekhara is an Indian Paralympian and rafle shooter. After three years of the accident, she met with her father encouraged her to Participate in sports. She received her initial training in both archery and shooting. Later, she opted for shooting as her main sport. Against all odds, See plan to pursue a career in the field of shooting and is now making our Indian shine on the international stage. If she had not made-up her mind about her career. She would have been disappointed. But her Perfect career planning made her life glorious.

Career planning has great importance in your career success. Career planning is not just discussion about our future dream. It is the crucial part of the process of achieving what do you want our life to be. We can do career planning on the basic of skills, ability, capacities, and talents. Planning of career creates smooth as well as meaningful path of future life. The all-encompassing happiness and successful life depend on career planning. Without career planning, one can live the life, but not with almost satisfaction and joy. Let us ponder over an instance to understand the high importance of career planning. Richa was a very good- looking and smart students of Class 12. However, she did not make any plan regarding her career. Although she thought she could go into any field, she took her career planning lightly after pressing class 12, she decided to go into the field of Modelling. After Modelling for a few years, She left this field and went into Fashion Designing but later she left the fashion industry as well. Then tried  some other vocations but could not continue for long. Eventually , she went into depression and had a hard time fighting the feeling of pessimism,  mental distress and helplessness. Thus, we can assume how career planning can shape our Lives.

There are dreamers and there are planners the planners make their dreams come true. So goes a saying. Success of career is more important than career planning. Nowadays almost all Youngsters plan about their career but not everyone gets the desired success. Career planning Is the raw materials to build a life. But that raw materials must go through a gruelling process of refinement. Career planning modules our life as per our choice and objectives.

But What do we do when career planning does not work? There is a saying that if the plan does not work, Change the plan, not the goal. Life does not always accept one’s plans. Many times, people fail in life despite having proper career plan. If you look around, You will find the instances of many failing youth slipping in to acute depression or even resorting to suicide. Such instance happens when their lives do not go according to their career plans. Any career planning should include and involve hard inputs as well as alternative plans and paths to fall back on if the main goal remaining unachieved for any reason.

We all know that Life is full of challenges. But smart and concrete career planning has the power of overcome all the obstacles. Along with planning, there should be a positive attitude to avoid distractions. Today’s generation must do career planning to get the best out of life. Otherwise, life will slap you at every turn. As such, if you have not done any career planning yet, do it now to give a definite direction to your life and future. Remember that saying that  Good luck is the result of good planning. Thank you.

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