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Career in Hospitality & Tourism Management


Career in Hospitality & Tourism Management

Selecting a successful career is always challenging ,specially now a days it is being so difficult as the new trend of  many dynamic career as replaced the traditional one .Many facts and factors need to be care of when the career path is decided .Specially current generation are giving the priorities to those sector which are taken the inclusion of maximum economical growth and many numbers of dynamic scope in it self .

Many careers can be opted for  future establishment ,but “ HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT AND TOURISM MANAGEMNT “ can be consider as the vital one. There are many reasons to be taken it as a successful path towards career through hospitality management subject .The reason that can be consider  for  the Hotel Management industry is because it is a career path that have always been a fast growing widespread global industry. It is always  an exciting career, which would integrate both entrepreneurship  and creative skills in a way, which would be more energetic, active and fun than most orthodox and boring office desk jobs.

Many  global hospitality houses like TAJ , OBEROI , WELCOME etc  are most dominating hospitality industry which  creates many milestone for the industry as well as creates many opportunity for the fresher’s and experienced as well which not only  influence the fresher but also emphasis on the global standard for the industry .

The daily activities of hospitality industry include organizing and planning catering, accommodation and other hotel services. Many hospitality houses used to  market and promote the business. They have to set sales and profit targets for the staff to achieve. They control expenditure by managing financial plans and budgets and also maintain financial and statistical records. They devise revenue and marketing strategies by analyzing sales figures. They are responsible for addressing customer complaints and problems. They have to supervise recruitment, training, renovations, supplies, maintenance and furnishings and make certain that the security is effectual. They also have to ensure the hotels conformity to health and safety and other statutory regulations as well as licensing laws.

In order to successfully manage a hotel it is necessary for the manager to be on top every single detail of their business.

So from above activity of the hotel we can easily evaluate that such kind of industry  always need inclusion of the highly trained professional of hospitality  management which not only helpful for the current youngsters but also  creates the ample amount of future growth both in economical and employment aspect .

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