XCHM Entrance Test(BHM) – 2023

XCHM Entrance Test(BHM) – 2023

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1. What is the name of protein present in flour ?

2. What is the chemical name of salt ?

3. What is the storage temperature of egg ?

4. What do you mean by blending ?

5.GRC Stands For ______ .

6. Bell Desk is the section of _____ .

7. _______ is the Head of Front office department.

8. Which of the following areas of a hotel has the greatest amount of guest contact ?

9. A Person who comes to the hotel without any prior reservation is called as _____ .

10. Who becomes becomes first person ever to lose $200 billion ?

11. Which ministry has organized the 6-day mega event “Bharat Parv” at Red Fort lawns ?

12. _______ Provides Tap Water to 11 Crore Rural Households.

13. Legendary playback singer Vani Jairam passed away on 4th February 2023. She was awarded the Padma Bibhusan in which year ?

14. Who has been appointed as the M D & CEO designate of Mahindra Finance in February 2023 ?

15. Who called Subhash Chandra Bose as Desh Nayak?

16. The first President of Indian National Congress was -

17. The Harappans did not know the use of –

18. The local name of Mohenjodaro is-

19. Who was popularly known as South Africa’s Gandhi ?

20. Simlipal National Park is located in which state?

21. The Bandipur National Park is located at-

22. The Mudhumalai National Park and wild life sanctuary is located at-

23. The National Highway 1 between Srinagar and Leh in the Himalayas traverses through which of these passes ?

24. Which of the following is the largest mangrove forest in the world ?

25. Normally the Commonwealth Games are held at intervals of

26. Mahakavi Kalidas

27. Name the instrument used to measure relative humidity

28. Michael Faraday discovered

29. Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin were the first to

30. Who is the vice –president of India ?

31. Who is the Tourism minister of India ?

32. What is the currency of Russia ?

33. Goa falls in which coast of india

34. IRCTC stands for what

35. Who is known as the first and last female ruler of Delhi Sultanate?