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Can I become an air hostess after doing hotel management?

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Can I become an air hostess after doing hotel management?

“Yes, definitely you can become an air hostess or a cabin crew after your degree in Hotel Management.” Shachi Pandey, Flight Attendant at Indigo

Hospitality sector is vast. Every industry is directly or indirectly connected to it. You need to have hospitality degree or diploma or anything sort of certification which makes you eligible to this particular job. Experience is really not a must.

” In fact, you have a better chance of getting selected as what you read and did in hotel management study has a practical application here excluding the cooking or the chef training part.”- Shachi Pandey, Flight Attendant at Indigo.

Both of these industries are a major part of the service industry where “the customer is the king”.

If we see what things are similar in these industries it would include:
  • Dealing with customers/passengers in aircraft.
  • Greeting and Helping them with there room in hotels/ and helping with the seat in aircraft
  • Arranging their luggage in hotel/ arranging their baggage if required in the aircraft. Both are the representative of their organizations.
  • Both are customer service industries where you have to polite, soft-spoken and consider the need of customer and passengers.
  • Both are trained to serve food in an arranged and presentable manner.
  • Both industries have strict grooming standards.

The major difference which could come will be the First Aid and Safety Training and challenging nature of this job as everything is at 15000 ft and you are only the person who will be dealing and trying to find an appropriate solution to it. Don’t worry you will be trained well by the airline for all of these.

So, doing Hotel Management course would never go against you and they would love to hire you as you’ve some knowledge about the customer service industry and you understand the importance of a customer and how it is important for the growth of the organization. So prepare and appear for the Interview.

In Odisha you will get better opportunities as the scope is growing and the state is growing fast in creating tourism and hospitality as state of the art by creating infrastructure every year with the support of its lush green natural tourist spots and sacred pilgrimage.

If you want to make it a career you can avail the placement once your training in tourism & hospitality is completed in Xavier College of Hotel Management, Cuttack, the leader as stated by popular News agencies.

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