Principal's Desk

PrincipalIt is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world. Our XCHM in its endeavour has never looked back in its journey of excellence. It is growing and constantly evolving. Our primary focus is on skill building and personality development rather than textual literacy. Sensibility is the ability to look at people’s problems as your own, having a heart that beats for the welfare of all. It is magnanimity of character, nobility of soul and heartfelt compassion for humanity that is inculcated in our students. I feel it my first and foremost duty to lead my team to ignite the young minds with zeal and enthusiasm and an insatiable quest for knowledge. We plan our work, ponder over our priorities, equip ourselves and then pursue our aims and objectives with renewed vigour and vitality. I and my staff are determined to scale greater heights, leave no stone unturned to equip the youth of tomorrow with weapons of dedication, truthfulness, righteousness and hard work. Dear students, take full advantage of wonderful avenues open to you. Develop within yourselves a burning desire to achieve, keeping your curiosity for learning something new. If we become complacent then we stop achieving. When we are successful in our endeavours , being successful becomes a habit. We are then on the road to achieving success for the larger good. Together we can surmount the obstacles & challenges and set new goals to attain Principal
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