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Restaurant Managment

The following outline is an overview of the courses offered in the Diploma in Hotel Management program. 

For precise details and course descriptions, refer to the Academic Catalog.


Paper – I    :-  Food Production                         

Paper – II   :-  Restaurant Management

Paper – III  :-  Beverage Management             

Paper – IV   :- Hotel Hygiene

Paper – V    :- Communication Skill

Paper – VI   :- Computer


16 Week Industrial Training 

Paper – I    :-  Food Production                         

Paper – II   :-  Restaurant Management

Paper – III  :-  Beverage Management

Paper – VI  :- Computer

Training Report

Log Book


Performance appraisal


Exam : March – April

Key Informations


Qualification: +2 Pass
Duration: 1 1/2 Years (18 months)

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