Arrival Subscription

ArrivalsWe look forward to welcoming students at our welcome booth in college campus within 1st week of August on official arrival days .

Students Registration Hours

Students registration is open from January of every year.: on official arrival days.

How To Apply

Before you start your online application, please read all the instructions carefully.

Getting Started

We want to ensure you submit the best application possible. For this reason, during the application process, an Education Counselor may get in touch in order to offer assistance. Only when you are happy with your application will it be passed onto the Admissions team for consideration.

Registration & Admissions Requirements


Before Admission each & every students have to register their name. For registration or for seat booking Rs.10000/- is mandatory for every students & This Registration Fees will be deducted from the Course Fees. Generally the registration starts from January onwards in every year.

ADMISSION and Requirments

Students who wish to apply for one of our programs need to meet all of the admissions requirements listed for their selected program. If you are unsure about your qualifications for a program, please contact us to speak with an Educational Counselor for a personalized evaluation. XCHM will assist students with learning differences in assessing their potential to enter and succeed at the school. The physical nature of service or kitchen practical courses requires students to be able to perform a wide range of duties similar to those performed in the industry. Students with certain learning differences, such as dyslexia, are accommodated with appropriate support, additional time to complete examinations and special test conditions. Applicants should write to the college for further information and requests for support should be accompanied by official documentation detailing the diagnosis.


  1. Personal Test
  2. Educational Qualification Certificate
  3. 2 Passport size photos


Tuition fees are normally paid each quarter and due in 5th September,5th December & 5th March of each year though flexible payment plans are available on request. The tuition fees paid for each installment are non-refundable. XCHM reserves the right to review and modify the tuition fees of each installment at any time and without notice. To maintain the standards expected from the institution, the fees are reviewed annually.


Our University Topper Students get scholarship upto Rs. 50,000/-

How to Apply

  1. Pay your application fee Online on this THIS LINK.
  2. Enter your personal details, like Name, Mobile number, Email id, Roll number...
  3. Select the Course Type, like Undergraduate degree or Graduate Degree or Post Graduate degree.
  4. As per the selected Course type, the course name will come in the next dropdown.
  5. Once you select the course, the Fee name with the fee amount will be populated.
  6. Then click on the Paynow button and follow the on screen instructions.
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